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Soon, thanks to advances in AI and ML, we’ll see a brutal leap in Tesla’s autonomous driving

A video shows the difference between a Tesla Model Y made in Germany and one made in China

Tesla has a long history when it comes to full self-driving (FSD) capability that CEO Elon Musk’s announcements and claims of how revolutionary the next update will be are already commonplace.

However, the latest announcement seems to be a bit different than the typical message “Full autonomy will come in six months” that we are used to seeing.

According to one Contribution by Elon Muskthat Tesla is currently working on “the last piece of the Tesla FSD AI puzzle”, This is the vehicle control. Vehicle control using machine learning, or AI, seems to indicate that Tesla is training an AI or ML neural network to control its vehicle, rather than relying on precoded command sets for vehicle steering, braking, and throttle.

This move to AI and ML instead of canned code is intended to bring the company one step closer to reaching level 5 of autonomous driving and achieve the goal of “end-to-end AI” for fully autonomous driving.

Vehicle control is the final piece of the Tesla FSD AI puzzle. This reduces more than 300,000 lines of C++ control code by about two orders of magnitude.

As I write this, he is exercising. Today, our progress is limited by calculations, not engineering.

Over the years, Tesla has changed its autonomous driving strategy a few times. One of the most significant recent changes has been the abandonment of radar hardware in favor of a camera-only system, a move widely criticized as a cost-cutting measure.

What an AI or machine learning-based FSD package would look like remains to be seen, but it could open up opportunities for software to handle much more complex interactions more seamlessly.

Even after Tesla solved the technical problemsstill has to face the hurdles of official control and public perceptionNeither was positively influenced by the recent incidents and accidents.

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