The United States will pass the staggering milestone of one million deaths from Covid-19. With more than 998,000 deaths as of May 11 according to Johns Hopkins University and at the rate of hundreds of deaths per day, the fateful bar should be reached by this weekend or early next week.

A rebound in the epidemic for a month

After several months of decline in the coronavirus pandemic in the officially most bereaved country in the world (ahead of Brazil, India and Russia), the United States has been recording a daily increase in the number of cases for the past month. The country finds itself in a context of lifting the obligations to wear a mask, now simply recommended indoors in the majority of the country, and a fourth dose of vaccine which is currently only open to people over 50. years.

The rebound in the number of cases is due to sub-variants of Omicron, which are more transmissible than the previous strains. However, its effects seem less serious in a population that is 66% completely vaccinated, and more than 90% for those over 65 years old. After more than two years of pandemic and several waves of variants of the coronavirus, America therefore hopes to finally turn the page on the pandemic.


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