The Sony Xperia X operating system is Android 6.0 Marshmallow with the Xperia UI brand interface and much of its performance and fluidity is due to this very light graphical interface. With several applications of the brand already installed, with some extra functions (generally welcome), Sony knows how to add productivity and personalization without falling into the temptation of cluttering the smartphone with applications and / or repetitive or inconvenient functions.

We also get a fingerprint reader, housed in its side on/off button, which generally works well, is fast, and allows you to enroll multiple fingers. However, if there is moisture or dirt on the surface of the button or finger, it cannot unlock the device effectively and ended up frustrating me during daily use.


The screen of this Sony Xperia X is 5 inches, IPS LCD technology, 1080p Full-HD resolution with a density of 441 ppi (pixels per inch). The images are very sharp, the colors are extremely rich, the viewing angles are very good, it registers the touch perfectly and its brightness is more than enough for comfortable use. In addition, its good visibility outdoors is to be praised, here we are not facing a reflective screen, on the contrary, the colors remain firm and we have no difficulty seeing the contents.

If you like the effect of AMOLED screens then you will like this Sony Xperia X, here we have some saturated colors perhaps too much but the final effect is an explosion of tones that will delight your eyes. This display may not be the most faithful to natural color reproduction, with greens and reds being overly saturated, as well as a rather warm and, again, unnatural color temperature.

excellent outdoor visibility
excellent outdoor visibility

Here everything will come down to the preferences of each user and, while a purist will not like this Sony Xperia X, the vast majority of consumers will appreciate the warm and enveloping tones of this screen. Also, you can always adjust the arm balance later in the equipment settings in addition to other parameters in the View menu.

Cameras: Photography and Video

Sony Xperia X 4news12

The Sony Xperia X comes equipped with a 23MP main camera with f/2.0 focal aperture, auto focus Hybrid predictive and mobility sensor that works well, plus an LED flash. In practice we have here very good photographs in any type of setting. Outdoor photography, night shots, food shots, animals, moving scenes and even macros, the Sony Xperia X stands up well to any kind of situation and is a real joy to take pictures with, especially with the wide range of filters and options. . inside your chamber. Also, the night shot is where the Sony Xperia X shines, here yes, I was surprised.

The camera interface is very complete, especially in manual mode you have many of the controls and parameters that are usually found in Reflex cameras, from adjusting the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focus points, different scenes, panorama and much more. plus. It is also important to point out that this UI (User Interface) has several extensions, both for photo and video, which add a good dose of fun to your captures.

Sony Xperia X 4news38

Its 13MP front camera is just as good and will give you the ability to take some selfies With great quality, whether to use your social networks (Facebook or Instagram) or if you want a photo with superior quality, the Sony Xperia X covers your needs even in low light conditions.

Finally, both cameras perform well at 1080p Full-HD video recording, with the rear camera capable of recording 1080p Full HD at 60fps. In addition, Sony was able to effectively reduce shaky images with its hybrid optical stabilization system (software+hardware), which deserves my congratulations.


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The Sony Xperia X has a non-removable 2620mAh battery and its autonomy did not disappoint me, on the contrary. Here we have good energy management thanks to Android Marshmallow and software Sony’s own management system that gives you several consumption profiles here, from Ultra STAMINA Mode to make the most of this battery. Promising 2 days of autonomy, even with a somewhat thin battery, Sony managed to keep its word.

With moderate use, some communication, a bit of gaming, a bit of YouTube, auto-brightness, and not restricting me in any kind of situation, we managed to hit two days of use here. However, for more intense use, its duration will be 1 day, which is still quite good considering the capacity of this battery.

Finally, this Sony Xperia X comes equipped with fast charging technology (if you have the UCH12 fast charger) you can get more than 5 hours of use from the device with 10 minutes of charging.


Sony Xperia X 4news15

The Sony Xperia X is a great upper-middle-range device. However, its recommended retail price is €629, which affects its quality/price ratio. I think that up to €550 it is one of the best Android smartphones that you can buy in a physical store in Portugal and I hope that its price will be more attractive soon.

Sony’s new Xperia X range managed to distance itself from the Xperia Z without, however, compromising on key points such as build quality, battery life, camera and a lightweight user interface. For all these reasons, the Sony Xperia X has great potential, being able to put the brand back in the spotlight. Very soon we will see how the Sony Xperia XA holds up, the cheapest of the new Sony and one of the most captivating.



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