Sony Reveals PlayStation VR 2 Price and Release Date

after weeks of teaser and gradual information, Sony today announced when gamers will be able to purchase their new headphones of Virtual Reality. will be the February 22 that PlayStation VR 2 will hit stores around the world.

Another important fact that we finally know today is how much this equipment will cost. Through its official blog, Sony revealed that each copy of the PlayStation VR 2 will cost €599.99.

PlayStation VR 2

PlayStation VR 2 will hit stores in February next year

The above value refers to the base package of the new headphones PlayStation VR 2. For that price, gamers will get access to a copy of PS VR 2 controllers, PS VR 2 Sense, and even some stereo headsets.

There will be a second pack that, in addition to the content of the base pack, will include a voucher for the purchase of the Call of the Mountain game. If you want to opt for this package you will have to pay €649.99.

PlayStation VR 2

Sony also revealed that the charging station for PlayStation VR 2 will be available on the day of the launch of this product. Unfortunately, it will have to be purchased separately and will cost €49.99.

PlayStation VR 2

Although PlayStation VR 2 will not hit stores until next February, it can be pre-ordered from November 15. Regular retailers will share the necessary information in a timely manner.

The new generation of PlayStation virtual reality products arrives with several new features that will provide an even more immersive experience for all players. Technologies such as eye tracking, headphone feedback3D sound or adaptive triggers are some of the strengths of this new device.

Sony has also opted for comfort in the development of PlayStation VR 2. This new version will be lighter and thinner than its predecessor, it will have a fan for better cooling and screen adjustment.

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Over 20 games available at launch

As for content for PlayStation VR 2, Sony guarantees that more than 20 games designed with this platform will be available at launch. If you want to know the complete list, you only have to visit the PlayStation official blog.

This way, players are guaranteed to have plenty of content to enjoy once PlayStation VR 2 hits stores. In the future, more games will surely be announced for the PlayStation Virtual Reality platform.

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