Sony no longer loses selling the PS5 console for € 499

Sony sticks to the € 499 price tag for the new PS5 console in Europe and other world markets, even if that means selling at a loss. This has been the scene from its launch in November 2020 to the present.

However, according to Sony’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Hiroki Totoki, the PS5 no longer loses money for every console sold. As the post points out Bloomberg, the Japanese company finally balanced the accounts.

Until now, Sony was losing money on the PS5

PS5 won’t be as expensive as PS3 on launch date

On the other hand, Sony continues to lose money on PlayStation 5 Digital Edition as the digital version of PS5 sells for € 399 in Portugal and the rest of Europe. Even without lead Optical to disk, this edition of the console continues to hurt Sony.

The golden room for the Sony Play Station sector

This shortfall in the sales of the Sony Play Station 5 digital version console was offset by accessory sales for the PS4 and the PS4 itself. In fact, Sony claims to have sold half a million PS4 consoles in the second quarter of 2021.

This is an impressive feat that, with these 500 thousand units, brings the PlayStation 4 console to 116.4 million units sold. They are extremely positive indicators that help the company balance its accounts.

Sony PS3

Looking back, we’ve seen Sony lose money on the PS3 for a considerable period of time. However, its successor, PS4, stopped giving the company losses about six months after it hit the market in 2013. Now, with the PS5, Sony took a little longer, but did not dare to raise the price of the console. as I had done. done with the PS3, disproving the rumors.

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Still agree with Bloomberg, more than 10 million PS5 consoles have been sold. This despite a shortage of components and the difficulties the company feels in offsetting the high cost of the components used in the next-generation console.

It’s also important to remember that Microsoft follows a similar strategy, selling its Xbox consoles at a loss. Profitability does not come from the sale of hardware, but from the sale of hardware and the subscription services you provide.

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