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Sony may be developing a foldable surprise

Apparently, Sony could be betting on a new project that could bring a foldable surprise to the market.

According to rumors, the Japanese giant is working on a foldable smartphone with a format similar to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip, but with a slight difference.

Sony could be developing its first foldable smartphone

picture of a foldable foldable smartphone
Sony’s first foldable smartphone is rumored to have a clamshell format.Credit@JonasLeupe/Unsplash

The foldable smartphone segment is on the rise. Not only is it experiencing an increase in global sales, but more and more brands are entering this market by launching new models.

And it seems that Sony does not want to be left behind in this race. According to the Japanese publication Sumahodigest, Sony is developing its first foldable smartphone.

The same source advances that the model will have a casing format and, consequently, a design similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. However, the Japanese model will have a small big difference: it will not include a secondary external screen, like the Samsung model.

Other sources speculate that Sony’s foldable smartphone could be called Xperia Fold and, taking advantage of the company’s know-how, reach gaming and provide an immersive experience.

Also, considering that Sony has a lot of experience in imaging, the foldable smartphone can also pack the best components and features for photography.

Although there is no information on possible specifications and release date, the possibility that Sony is developing its first foldable smartphone is creating great anticipation among technology enthusiasts.

If the model manages to materialize all of Sony’s experience in the areas of video games and photography, this folding could be very successful worldwide.

More: If this news is confirmed, Sony could overtake Apple by entering the foldable smartphone segment. Remember that only these two brands have not yet launched such equipment on the market.

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