Sony makes PS VR2 compatible with PC games

Although Sony’s PlayStation VR2 (PS VR2) was originally designed exclusively for use with the PlayStation 5 (PS5), it is currently being tested for compatibility with PCs, opening up a new world of possibilities for virtual reality enthusiasts.

So far, the PS VR2 offers immersive experiences in PS5 games that support this virtual reality device. However, Sony’s recent announcement makes clear its intention to expand the PS VR2’s reach into the PC ecosystem.

This development could allow Windows users to enjoy the PS VR2 with the games available on the platform. However, there is still no clear information about how extensive this compatibility will be.

Sony has announced the exciting news that they are currently testing to allow PS VR2 users to access additional games on PC, providing a wider selection of games in addition to the PS VR2 titles available on the PS5. The company plans to implement this compatibility later this year.

Virtual reality fans have been looking for ways to make the PS VR2 compatible with PCs since its release and have even attempted to reverse engineer the hardware. So far these efforts have been unsuccessful. The good news is that Sony is officially meeting this demand by testing and developing the necessary support.

This additional ability of the PS VR2 to work with PCs has the potential to boost sales of the virtual reality device as more people are expected to be able to access this unique experience via their PC.

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