Sonu Sood teases a fan who asked for 1 crore

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, who is doing his best to bring relief to people amid the Kovid-19 epidemic, has to face strange demands on social media at times. Sonu Sood’s social accounts are flooded with requests for help every day. However, sometimes some strange requests are made to them. The same thing happened once again when one person asked for $ 1 crore and the other asked for a role in their next movie. One Twitter user wrote to Sonu: “Sir, please give me ₹ 1 crore.” Sonu reacted and said, ‘Just $ 1 crore? You could have asked for more.

Another Twitter user asked, “Sir, could you give me a role in your next movie?” Sonu urged him to become a real life hero, saying, ‘There is no more important role than helping someone. Play this role, then there is no other hero than you.

Let us tell you that he had studied engineering before beginning his acting career. He then traveled from South Cinema to Bollywood. Sonu Sood is not only known for his strong acting, but he has also received praise for his body and fitness.

Sonu Sood considers himself a fitness fanatic. He regularly goes to the gym and exercises for 2 hours. At the same time, keep changing your exercise every week. Sonu Sood’s workout routine includes 20 minutes of cardio. At the same time, for the abs, you work out for 20 minutes. Also jogging for 40 minutes. Apart from this, when he goes out to shoot and can’t do gymnastics, he runs or takes a long walk.

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