Sonu Sood met workers smoking beedi on the way, see what happened then?

Whatever Sonu Sood does, it becomes important to his fans. This time too, Sonu Sood has done such a thing that has again won the hearts of his fans on social media. A video of Sonu has surfaced in which he is seen standing with some workers. During this, a beedi is seen in Sonu’s hand.

In the video that surfaced on social media, Sonu Sood suddenly catches three workers in a group. When he addresses those workers, he sees that they had beige in their hands. Sonu grabs bidi from a worker’s hand and asks what’s going on. One of these workers smiles and says: working, Sonu says working and smoking beedi together? Hearing this, the workers start laughing.

Next in the video, Sonu says: Why do you drink beedi? You enjoy it? The workers answer yes. During this, a worker answers Soni’s question: the bidi went off while he was walking. Sonu repeats: Beedi went extinct while he was walking. So it’s good that life has increased. How many bidis do you smoke, bring them here and there. After that, they collect all the bidis and hand them over to Sonu. At the same time, Sonu says: stop smoking beedi, your health will improve. Think about family members. Following this, Sonu on camera tells the three to promise now that after today they won’t smoke beedi. In such a situation, all three look promising.

Fans found this video of Sonu very cute on social media. Many people were seen saying, who is a star who takes special time and comes out of their vanity to tell those others, right? Then someone said: there is no one like Sonu.

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