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Sonu Sood became the “Messiah of the Poor” once again! Outstretched hand to help elderly from Bihar

 Sonu Sood became the

The way actor Sonu Sood generously helped people in Corona appeared afterwards as a messiah for those in need. Once again, Sonu Sood has won the hearts of fans by helping one person. This time, actor Khilanand Jha from Bihar provided financial support.

In fact, 65-year-old Khilanand Jha from Bihar had recently arrived in Mumbai to meet Sood. Jha’s story of struggles and the burden of debt touched Sood’s heart and inspired him to help.

Let us tell you that Khilanand Jha’s wife Minoti Paswan died earlier this year from paralysis. His treatment cost a lot, leaving Khilanand with a debt of 12 lakh rupees. When he found out about Sonu Sood from Dariya Dilli during Covid-19, he sought his help.

Khilanand recently came to Mumbai with his son and met Sonu Sood at his office. After listening to Khilanand’s story, he understood his condition and agreed to help him.

Speaking to Indian Express, Sood said, “I met Khilanand Jha and found out about his condition.” He has come from a long way to meet me, so I will not let him go empty-handed. I will help them in any way I can. I will also speak to their borrowers to reduce the amount.

Please say that Sonu Sood became the “Messiah of the Poor” during the Corona epidemic. They brought workers from the cities to their homes and helped students get phones for their studies. The way the actors helped during those difficult times increased respect for them in people’s hearts.

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