Sonal’s luck was bright due to Kundali Bhagya, his incident was heard in the Metoo campaign.

Although he made his debut in the world of cinema with 7 O’Clock, he gained recognition for ‘Kuch To Log Kahenge’. Then after visiting ‘RK Laxman Ki Duniya’, she opened ‘Police Factory’, became ‘Shastri Sisters’ and then made her fortune with ‘Kumkum Bhagya’. We are talking about Sonal Vengurlekar, who these days is showing off her fortune with ‘Kundali Bhagya’. Born in Mumbai on June 12, 1993, Sonal is celebrating her birthday today. Let’s get to know some stories from her life…

Sonal, the only child of her parents, graduated from the University of Mumbai. She entered the world of cinema in the year 2006 with the Kannada film 7 O’Clock. However, she entered the television industry with the series Kuch Toh Log Kahenge. Sonal got real recognition by playing the role of Devyani Shastri in the series Shastri Sisters.

We told you that when the MeToo campaign was in full swing in the country, at that time Sonal had also narrated the incident. Sonal had said: ‘When he was wrestling, he met Raja Bajaj through a casting website. Raja called me for an audition, but he couldn’t speak the lines well. After this, Raja asked me to change my clothes and get ready for the photo shoot. Along with this, he was also given a cream to apply to his private part. After this, Raja took me to a hotel. He tricked me into becoming a great actress. Along with this, she also kept the indecent condition.

Tell them that Sonal had complained to the police about this matter, after which Raja’s wife and daughter, Sheena, accused Sonal of extortion. Sheena alleged that Sonal had demanded Rs 3 lakh from his father. When she was denied three lakh rupees, she started asking for one and a half lakh rupees.

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