“Son of p… put me to play, Maguire does shit in every game”

Marcos Rojo gave an interview to the Argentine media TYCSPORT, where he reviewed his time at United and did not bite his tongue. The now Boca player assures that he was very frustrated with the arrival of Maguire to the Manchester team, since he cost him his substitution: “I was playing very well in England and in the Europa League. But I was upset with the manager (Solskjaer), he used Maguire to play before me. Now, fortunately, he has been separated from the team and the owner is Lisandro Martínez”.

The defender assures that he had a run-in with his coach at that time, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, because he did not understand that he was a substitute behind his teammate: “I went to the coach’s office and told him ‘either let me leave the team or I want to play’. And he replied: ‘I have to bring in Maguire because they paid a lot of money, he has to play no matter what.’ And I replied: ‘son of p …, put me to play, Maguire does shit in every game he plays”.

During these years he coincided with Ibra, whom he puts through the roof: “A winner, an animal as he says, a lion. “He came to the team on a Friday, he had trained one day and we traveled in his first game. He started the game and scored an incredible Chilean goal. They tied us and we were shitting. He entered the locker room hot and said: “That’s not how you play football, this is a big club.” He arrived 10 minutes ago and he was already screaming. There was Rooney, Schweinsteiger… nobody said anything to him.

He also had time to talk about Messi: “He is a great captain, always thinking about the group. She always put herself on a par with everyone. It is what surprised me the most. I arrived in 2011 to the Selection. I went, I trained with Messi, crazy. After he won the World Cup he wrote to me and said: ‘It was a process, we had to lose to get to this moment’. He thanked everyone who had been with him.”

Marcos Rojo tells how he lived his stage with Mourinho: “He’s a great coach, but he’s crazy. He told a colleague (Henrij Mjitaryán) that he was going to press like Mickey Mouse and he did the movement (he slowly moves his arms out to the sides). I covered my face and laughed. I had no filter” The defense ended by saying that he did not cut himself off in the interview.

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