Son of Cali cartel baron to sue Netflix

The son of a former drug lord of the notorious Cali Cartel in Colombia is to sue Netflix. He accuses the streaming platform of having given an “unrealistic” vision of his family in El Cartel de la Sapos, El origen, a new series on Colombian drug traffickers.

William Rodriguez, son of “capo” Miguel Droguez Orejuela, declared Thursday on a local radio that he will launch “all the necessary legal proceedings” so that the series, produced by Colombian TV Caracol Television, is suspended.

Imagination of the writers or real facts?

According to the complainant, the 60 episodes would be inspired by the history of the famous Rodriguez Orejuela clan, two powerful godfathers now imprisoned in the United States, and for a time rivals of Pablo Escobar. This production, broadcast since the beginning of July but which will not be broadcast in Colombia, tells the story of the Villegas (an imaginary name), or the journey of “two modest brothers from Cali” to “become drug lords”.

Netflix ensures that it is a “work of fiction”, and that the facts are “the fruit of the imagination of the writers”. On its website, Caracol Televisión Internacional, however, explains that the series is “based on real facts” concerning “the leaders of the formidable Cali cartel”.

The Rodriguez Orejuela brothers in prison in the United States

For Rodriguez Jr., there is no doubt that the production has “violated his family intimacy”, and the main protagonist of the series, Wilmer, has obvious similarities with his life.
Netflix has “marketed my name”, he accused, also believing that the production has “plagiarized a large part” of one of his books on the Rodriguez Orejuela family. The plaintiff indicates to seek compensation “for all the damages and moral prejudices” caused by “the inventions of this cartoon”.

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In the wake of the famous Narcos, recounting the life of Pablo Escobar and his rivalry with the Cali cartel led by the Rodriguez Orejuela brothers, Netflix is ​​broadcasting this new series in several countries, notably in the United States and Spain. Disbanded in the mid-1990s, the Cali Cartel was regarded by Americans as the world’s largest drug trafficking organization after the fall of Pablo Escobar, leader of the Medellín Cartel and bitter enemy of the Rodriguez Orejuelas. Gilberto (82) and Miguel (78) were captured in 1995 and extradited a decade later to the United States. They are serving a 30-year prison sentence for drug trafficking and money laundering.

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