“Some people become successful overnight, others…” Paryami Gautam’s reaction to being underutilized

Akshay Kumar’s film “OMG 2” has hit theaters and is doing very well at the box office. From dialogue to courtroom to comedy sequences, audiences love it. Pankaj Tripathi and Yami Gautam play important roles in the film.

Yami Gautam also made headlines in relation to “OMG 2”. Meanwhile, a user called her underutilized on social media, to which Yami responded and shared her experience as well.

In fact, the user wrote on Twitter, “It’s amazing how Yami Gautam always surprises us with her performance!” #OMG2 is no exception. You own every picture! Even his silence says a lot. I hate the word “underrated”. All I would say is that our filmmakers have used it sparingly.

In response to that tweet, Yami Gautam wrote, “Some people succeed overnight, others need to continually prove themselves over the years.” Some people are great at marketing their talents (or lack thereof), others just want theirs talents are expressed. As an actress I just know how to act and working hard to find good scripts and versatile characters, that’s my talent.

Yami didn’t stop there, she went on to write, “I don’t understand and don’t get involved much in marketing my talent.” Unfortunately, for most people in our industry, it all comes down to the marketing of a person or project, not depth a script or a character. Maybe that’s why people feel like I’m less taken advantage of.

Yami Gautam also continued to thank the person. He wrote, “Anyway, thank you for finding your word, it’s really very exciting.”

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