Some BMW cars will arrive without a touchscreen due to a lack of chips

BMW is eliminating touchscreens from many of its new cars due to shortages of chips, according to confirmed the company.

Although it is not the first manufacturer to have to stop production or cut resources, this omission is a big problem since touch screens are a pretty standard feature in cars these days, And not having one will affect how you interact with the car.

Some vehicles affected (including 3 Series and SUV saloons / X5, X6 and X7 crossovers) they will also lose access to the reverse assistant function., which is responsible for automatically recording the points where you drive.

Cars shipped without a touchscreen will come with a $500 credit and will require a software upgrade and a customer signing a form with the dealer to acknowledge that they are aware of the feature’s removal.

Instead of the touch screen, users will have to resort to a control located on the center console, which will replace the touch input.

In practice, you probably won’t be able to install a touchscreen later, even if the missing chip problem is fixed later, so it might almost be better to wait if you’re not in a particular hurry.

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