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The Titan Desert Morocco It is a competition that goes beyond the sporting nature. Solidarity is one of its hallmarks and many cyclists participate with the aim of, in addition to demonstrating their capacity, giving visibility to their solidarity projects. Without going further, for the fourth consecutive year the Titan Life Scholarships by KH7 were held, which are giving the possibility of making 3 solidarity projects visible. Three people received a free number for the race and are Léster Fernández, Jaume Rovira and Pau Salvá. But they are not alone, there are many causes and another great example is that of Adrian Soriano, which participates “to give visibility to people with diabetes.” Diagnosed with this disease six years ago, the Aragonese runner did not let it stop him from continuing to ride a bike as he had been until then and being able to come to a race like the Titan Desert Morocco is being a dream come true.

As, without a doubt, it is for Léster Fernández. The cyclist is rolling through the mountains, tracks and dunes of Morocco with a physical disability of 81 percent. Not only are you fulfilling and enjoying the experience, but you are also taking the opportunity to give visibility to your project Happy Wheels, with which it seeks to help people with physical disabilities. An example, as is Jaume Rovira. This high school teacher through ‘distributing illusion’ It is in charge of delivering solidarity kits with school supplies to the girls and boys that it meets during the stages of the race.

The Titan Desert is solidarity, improvement and camaraderie. Also overcome challenges, as he has been doing for years Pau Salva. The man from Alicante suffers from hemophilia and is not only in Morocco to compete (he is 32nd in the general classification, with a total time, after three stages, of 13:30:06) and to demonstrate that it is possible to do so with his disease because another of his purposes is to help Moroccan children with hemophilia. His project, and the team he competes with, is the ‘Factor8 & Cycling Project’. AS spoke with him at the Titan Desert camp and “I am here for something more important than sports, it is to raise funds so that the children of Morocco can have adequate treatment. We are seeing villages that seem lost and children who come out of nowhere to cheer you up and you think that if they have this disease or anywhere they are going. If they have proper treatment. That is why we have to help and give visibility”.

Eduardo Pelach Alonso

The Hemophilia is a hereditary disease that is characterized by a defect in blood coagulation due to the lack of one of the factors in it and that is manifested by persistent bleeding. Pau Salvá suffers from it and hence his project that aims to unite cycling and hemophilia with the aim of raising funds and inspiring people who suffer from it to practice sport. In 2019 he became the leader of the Titan Desert: “A few years ago it was unthinkable that a person with hemophilia would be able to ride a mountain bike and I have been competing at the highest level for ten years. From Factor8 Cycling Project we seek to encourage everyone to pursue their dreams. That they dare, be active and play sports, ”she comments.

During this Titan Desert Morocco continues with his treatment and it is that “I apply factor every morning, myself. The medical service keeps the treatment in a fridge for me. Physically, although this year I’m suffering more than necessary, I don’t have any problem. The worst thing is not a wound, it’s joint bleeding. But I don’t feel weaker than the others or anything, I just have to pedal and look ahead”, adds a Pau Salvá is clear: “People have to dare”.

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