Soldier killed in Mali: a national tribute to Master Corporal Maxime Blasco

A tribute ceremony will take place at Les Invalides, Wednesday, September 29, to salute the memory of Master Corporal Maxime Blasco, killed during a military operation in Mali.

A national tribute will be paid Wednesday, September 29 to Maxime Blasco, 34-year-old master corporal killed Friday during a military operation in Mali, in the courtyard of the Invalides, in Paris. “This ceremony will begin at 4:30 p.m. As tradition dictates, before entering the courtyard of the Invalides, the funeral procession will cross the Alexandre III bridge (…). The ceremony, then, will be relatively short “, reports journalist Guillaume Daret, live on site for the 12/13 of France 3.

During this twenty-minute ceremony, Emmanuel Macron will, posthumously, deliver the Legion of Honour to the master corporal, who had Moreover was decorated last June with the military medal for his feats of arms. The Head of State will meet, at the end of the tribute, with the relatives of Master Corporal Maxime Blasco. “One person in particular has a request for him: it is the companion of Maxime Blasco, who wishes to ask the Head of State for authorization to marry her posthumously “, concludes Guillaume Daret.

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