Solana Founder Acknowledges Network Reliability Problems

At an annual conference in Lisbon, Solana (SOL) co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko commented on the reliability of the network. The network had failed several times in the past year due to malfunctions. The last outage was on October 1, when the network was shut down for more than 6 hours.

Many technical problems for Solana

Solana experienced no fewer than 10 significant outages in the past year. The largest of these was in January. Then Solana suffered from partial interruptions and outages for 18 hours. This is relatively much compared to other large blockchains. For most crypto protocols, network reliability is one of the top priorities. Yakovenko is realistic and acknowledges the problems with the network.

“We’ve had a lot of problems over the past year. I would say this year was all about the reliability of the network.”

The developers at Solana are working hard to prevent such problems in the future. Despite the problems, Solana’s number of validators has doubled in the past year. That is a good step in the right direction, according to Yakovenko.

“We are in a constant battle to balance performance, security, speed and decentralization. When one is improved, there is a chance that you will harm one of the other. But I think we did a great job improving all those aspects.”

Solana partnership with Google

So, despite the problems, Yakovenko is very optimistic. A recent collaboration with web3 developer Jump Crypto should lead to a significant improvement in the scalability of the network.

Solana also disclosed a partnership with Google Cloud this week. Google’s cloud service will operate a Solana validator and help process transactions. Recently, the tech giant also launched a validator for Ethereum (ETH). The Solana validator should start running sometime next year.

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