Solana and Cardano prices shoot up 21 percent

The share price of both Solana and Cardano spiked more than 21 percent on Sunday, according to data from Newsbit. This puts both projects back on a course they haven’t been on since November of last year. Cardano’s price shot up to $0.33 per token, while Solana hit $16.04.

Solana flames in 2023

The once-large Solana has gone through a very difficult period. Not long ago, it even lost its two largest NFT projects to Polygon. y00ts and DeGods left the project for several million, which led some to ask themselves if Solana wasn’t dead. Now, however, that turns out not to be the case at all, because Solana performed the best of all the top 20 coins in 2023. Over a period of seven days, the project even increased by 60 percent.

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