Softball has two qualifying tournaments on the agenda

The president of the Dominican Softball Federation (Fedosa), engineer Garibaldy Bautista, defined 2022 as a year of specific tasks for the discipline, which begins with the qualifying tournament for the Pan American Games in Chile and the World Cup.

The first will be in Paraná, Argentina from February 19 and the second from November 26 to December 4, in Auckland, New Zealand.

Bautista, re-elected in December at Fedosa’s electoral / statutory assembly, heads the new executive committee that will lead the institution in the 2022-26 period and that will take office in January.

In the same way, he indicated that for the first time in the history of softball “our men’s under 23 team will participate in the Pan-American championship that will be held in the first three months of the year and whose venue will be announced in the next few days.”

The president of Fedosa also announced as a priority the formation of the senior women’s team for the Pan American and Central American qualifier, which will be this year at a date and place that will be announced soon by WBSC-Softball / America.

Bautista indicated that “the reports of the technical direction augur an opportunity to advance to both events, despite the fact that in that competition there will be powers such as the locals, current world champions, the United States, Mexico, Venezuela and Cuba.”

The Dominican Republic occupies sixth place in the WBCS-Softball ranking, in the area and generally surpasses countries that are economic powers and greater in population and territory, such as France, Great Britain, Germany and Brazil, among others.

Bautista said that Fedosa will focus its attention on the renovation of the national teams at all levels, as well as on strengthening the programs of clinics and academies at the national and international level.

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“We have the challenge of improving in the 2020-2024 Olympic cycle, which ends with the Games in Paris and for this we will make every effort to have the best team, both in events in minor categories and in our senior teams,” he said. Baptist.

He pointed out that “Fedosa has a quarry of players of Dominican origin, residents in the United States and who are part of our academies, which together with the residents in the country guarantee a generational change that will bear fruit in the short, medium and long term. , good performances in regional and world tournaments ”.

He highlighted as part of the task that the new executive committee will have, manage resources with government institutions and the private sector, to have a presence in minor events of WBSC-Softball, in both branches, and thus improve the position in the world ranking.

In that sense, he explained that the positioning is given by participation in the events of the international federation and that softball as a team sport requires more resources to attend them.

“Massing Olympic softball is on our work agenda and as part of that task we will follow up on the initiative to expand the competition calendar in the Armed Forces Sports Circle and encouraging the holding of pinwheel cups in the National District and the main provinces of the country, with the pitchers of the national team, in both branches and in all categories, “Bautista concluded.


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