Colombian Sofía Vergara opens this Friday "Koati", an animated film that describes how a "Latino project for Latinos" and that has the collaboration of stars of the stature of Marc Anthony, Karol G, Carlos Rivera, Adriana Barraza and Eva Luna Montaner.

"A film that was like ‘The Lion King’ was needed to highlight the fauna and flora that exist in Latin America and that the world and many Latino children who live in the United States do not know"explained the actress and businesswoman in an interview with Efe.

After the big Hollywood studios have taken an interest in Latin America for films like "Coconut", from Pixar, and "Charm", from Disney, Vergara promoted the filming of "Koati" with the objective that the Latinos themselves would explain the wonders of their countries.

"Latinos are very present and it would be crazy to neglect that audience", reasoned the Colombian, who in addition to giving voice to one of the characters worked as a producer of the film.

"Koati" it is carried out by three characteristic animals of Latin America: Nachí, a coatí; Xochi, a monarch butterfly and Pako, a crystal frog.

The three characters will embark on an adventure to prevent Zaina, a coral snake with the voice of Vergara, from destroying their land.

"A bad one was needed in the film and I loved it, he is a character -remembered the actress-. It is bad, but with a spark, it is comical and funny. So I thought that I was the perfect one to play the character".

Most of the animals and landscapes that appear in the story are in danger of extinction, a point for which the environmental organization World Wildlife Fund (WWF, in English) joined the project last spring and, after the premiere, will present several educational products to raise awareness about the protection of nature.

"It is important to educate children so that nature does not continue to be damaged, this film will make many children wake up and start thinking about this", Held.


Vergara has shown to have a good contact agenda in Hollywood, as he added a varied group of musicians, actors, comedians and "influencers" Hispanics to work on the project.

For example, Marc Anthony took the reins of the soundtrack, which has ten songs performed by himself along with Becky G, Mau & Ricky, Tini, Carlos Rivera, Cami, Joy, Gusttavo Lima, Leslie Grace, Evaluna Montaner and Ir Sais.

"Marc Anthony was in charge of doing that and it is impressive, where he puts his touch of magic is spectacular", valued the actress.

For her part, the Colombian had a cast of voices led by Eva Luna Montaner, Sebas, Karol G, Adriana Barraza, Daniel Sosa, Eduardo Franco and De la Ghetto, as well as her son Manolo and her husband Joe Manganiello.

Finally, the Cuban-Canadian director Rodrigo Castro Pérez, who has worked on films such as "Rio 2" (2014) and "Ice Age: Collision Course" (2016), was commissioned to direct this story filmed in English and Spanish.

"Koati" It will premiere on October 15 in the United States and will begin to reach the main Hispanic markets as of that date.

"Family", "respectful with nature" and "very latin" are the words with which Vergara describes her new story.



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