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Socloz, the first OMS on the market integrated with Shopify

Socloz has announced the launch of its new application designed to facilitate the integration of its applications Order management system (WHO) with the Shopify platform. The dynamic retail landscape is evolving rapidly and omnichannel integration is becoming an urgent need. In the age of diverse consumers, the shopping experience extends beyond the physical store into the digital world. In this context, efficient warehouse management becomes the central axis to meet customer expectations and ensure retailers’ operational performance.

Omnichannel and the importance of inventory

Omnichannel is no longer an option; has become a staple for retailers looking to stand out in a highly competitive market. Offering multiple shopping channels is a first step, but consistent and seamless implementation makes the real difference. Modern consumers expect a seamless shopping experience, regardless of the channel they choose. To achieve this, effective inventory management is a crucial pillar. To meet these expectations, real-time monitoring of inventory, its movements and availability is crucial.

«Omnichannel is becoming a cutting-edge technology. We’ve been talking about this for 15 years and now we’re reaching a higher level where retailers are combining their online and in-store offerings. It is necessary for retail companies to eliminate divisions between departments and to do so by embracing the technologies that make retail possible everywhere. The integration of the new application developed by Socloz into our platform demonstrates our shared desire to support retailers on this journey“, Explain Emilie Benoit Vernay, Director of Southern European Partnerships at Shopify.

«Shopify and Socloz are two technology companies that want to unite traditional and online commerce and whose innovations allow us to respond to the challenges of omnichannel. Therefore, working with Shopify to help retailers with their omnichannel growth goals was a natural fit.“, he emphasizes Jeremy Herscovic, Founder and Head of Development at Socloz.

Benefits of omnichannel for businesses and this alliance with Shopify

The capacity of Track inventory in real time This leads to noticeable benefits for companies. Using advanced inventory tracking systems, retailers can know exactly what products are available, where they are physically located, and how they are moving across different distribution channels.

Socloz, as an omnichannel platform, offers a range of tools such as Click & Reserve, Click & Collect, Ship from Store and In-Store Order Acceptance. These functionalities not only improve the customer experience but also optimize inventory. «By allowing Shopify merchants to benefit from a wide range of omnichannel scenarios, their inventory flow and resulting revenue are optimized. And all of this is effortless and within a schema that is perfectly integrated into the Shopify order funnel.“closes Elie Hosansky, Senior Partnerships Manager at Shopify.

Technology as a catalyst for inventory management

Technology plays a crucial role in this equation. Advanced inventory management solutions, real-time tracking systems and data analytics are critical to providing retailers with complete visibility into their inventory.

«Since we started working with Shopify, we understood that our agencies and integrators were waiting for a solution to make launching a unified commerce project easier. Meeting this need was critical to enable our ecosystem to offer the best strategy to the customer.“, Add Agnes de Rouge, Socloz cooperation manager.

Effective implementation of omnichannel with Socloz & Shopify

Although omnichannel is not complicated to implement from a technological perspective, it requires adjustments in the branch and a review of the billing system to ensure it is functioning correctly. For this reason, Socloz has developed an easy-to-manage and intuitive tool to also solve the problem of staff turnover in physical spaces.

«The success of an omnichannel strategy cannot only be limited to the technological aspect; it is important to consider store staff as a key element. staff turnover and high sales peaks; That’s why at Socloz we support physical stores and have a very intuitive interface.” he says and emphasizes Mar Villanueva, Chief Business Officer in Spain.

In a competitive market the Omnichannel logistics is essential to the success of retailers. Effective inventory management is presented in this equation as an essential part, enabling companies to remain agile, adapt to changing needs and deliver exceptional experiences to consumers. Those who master this omnichannel equity integration will be better equipped to succeed in today’s and future markets.

The Integration of the Socloz app as a market-leading OMSspecifically integrated into Shopify, marked a significant milestone in the development of retail towards more efficient management and a fully integrated shopping experience.

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