SocialBlox builds for the future during the bear market

For over a year now, the bear market frenzy has been raging throughout the crypto industry. Most cryptocurrencies are deeply underwater and we saw a lot of crypto companies die. SocialBlox, a Dutch blockchain company with the ambition to revolutionize the world of social media, has used the crypto winter to build for the future. And if it’s up to the SocialBlox team, this future looks incredibly good.

The SocialBlox platform

SocialBlox is a platform that focuses on a different approach to social media. Today, major incumbents are heavily criticized, especially since these companies often ignore their users’ privacy. In many cases, these users are sold as a product to advertisers for a hefty sum of money.

At SocialBlox, privacy has the highest priority. Users can choose whether they want to see ads and user data is never sold to the highest bidder.

In addition, SocialBlox uses blockchain technology to offer unique features. The main function of these are the so-called challenges. Users can challenge other users to do something and if they successfully complete the challenge, they will receive a predetermined amount of SBLX tokens. This way you can earn money by using the SocialBlox platform. A play to earn concept that seems to be getting more and more popular.

These challenges are made possible by the technology of smart contracts and the Polygon network. SocialBlox isn’t just one either proof of concept. After all, the social media platform already really runs on the Polygon blockchain and challenges are already being done today on chain incorporated! So SocialBlox actually adds action to word, which is sometimes overlooked in the crypto industry.

Building in the crypto winter

In fact, there is no better time to develop a platform than during a bear market. The entire industry is running on the back burner, in order to survive until the next one bull market erupts again. If your platform is more or less finished when it’s done, you can take full advantage of the inevitable revival of interest in all things crypto, web3 and blockchain.

SocialBlox will therefore be in an excellent starting position once we can officially speak of the end of the bear market. The platform is simply rock solid and the next step will be to bring in a large amount of users.

That next step may not even be that long in coming.


Of course it is also possible to get in early as an investor. SBLX is already for sale on decentralized exchange Uniswap and the Dutch crypto broker

More information about SocialBlox can be found on the completely renewed website.

Become part of the SocialBlox community by taking a look at it Telegram channel from SocialBlox.

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