Soccer: The “boys” had their party in Argentina

Each World Cup has its official anthem and other songs that go down in history for different reasons. In Argentina after Qatar 2022 there is no other subject that better symbolizes euphoria -to the point that it is already part of private celebrations- than "boys".

That composition by La Mosca Tse-Tse, sung to exhaustion by the fans who between November and December they were in Qatar supporting the Albiceleste andof course, in any street, radio or television program in Argentina, was also the central axis of the party lived this Thursday at the Monumental Stadium in Buenos Aires.

The 83,000 people who filled the stands of the River Plate pitchtoday only decked out in white shirts, scarves and hats, screamed their throats singing that song, while the players in the midfield did, after having resolved the ‘procedure’ of the friendly against Panama.

Because yes, the fans went to see a football game and applauded Lionel Messi’s 800th goal as a professional, but in reality the reason they paid for a ticket was to meet their idols againwith that team that the majority applauded from a distance at the World Cup and which they accompanied in the streets in December.

Because a party was missing. Even though both December 18, the date of the final, and December 20, when the caravan that was taking the players from the Argentine Football Association (AFA) grounds to Buenos Aires got stuck and they had to be evacuated by helicopter, Millions of people came out to celebrate in the streets, a direct encounter with the protagonists was missing.

That is why the celebration of this match was prepared with such care, at the end of which all the internationals wore a shirt that had the three stars on its back -for the World Cups won in 1978, 1986 and 2022- and with the legend "World Champions".

Each of the players had their replica of the World Cup, but, without a doubt, the most exultant moment was when, after the speeches in midfield by Messi and the coach, Lionel Scaloni, the captain once again raised the most precious trophy.

In a kind of South American ceremony, the president of the AFA, Claudio ‘Chiqui’ Tapia, and the president of Conmebol, Alejandro Domínguez, presented the trophy to Messi, who, accompanied by his entire family, emulated the steps taken on December 18 towards their companions and, all together, raised their trophies at the same time.

Fireworks, several Olympic laps, couples and children of the players accompanying them, Lautaro Martínez taking the microphone to sing and Rodrigo de Paul showing dance steps… unforgettable scenes for a night that, as several of the protagonists admitted to the press, was very special for everyone.

Among them, without a doubt, Messi, one of the best players in history and who, after winning the World Cup, for many surpassed Diego Armando Maradona in the eternal dispute over who is the number 1 in Argentine soccer.

The Ballon d’Or for Qatar 2022 arrived in Argentina this Monday after being whistled by the Paris Saint Germain fans over the weekend and reiterated his happiness at being in his country to celebrate this title.

In his days in Buenos Aires, there have been several situations in which he has been seen surrounded by people at the exit of some public place or with greetings in the middle of the highway while traveling by car, all anecdotes marked by the affection of the hobby

However, he also recalled to the press the times he suffered when playing in Argentina and not feeling so loved "because the results were not given".

Be that as it may, happy smiles and emotional tears were constant on a night when the ‘boys’ had their party in Argentina.


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