The non-fungible token (NFT) line of the rapper Ice Cube is very popular and sells quickly. In a earlier article on Crypto Insiders we already talked about this NFT line. In this we saw that these NFTs represent a property in a special basketball league.

Basketball NFTs

In case you missed it, Ice Cube started a basketball league in 2017 where there are teams of three people instead of the usual five. For each team in this league, ie 12 teams, NFTs have now also been designed that ensure that the buyer has some say within the team. Each team has 1,000 different NFTs. Including 975 ‘Gold’ NFTs worth $5,000 each and 25 ‘Fire’ NFTs costing $25,000.

The owners of these NFTs can participate in the election of a CEO or president of the team, as well as the opportunity to participate in things related to the team’s brand, such as the logo or merchandise.

Ice Cube announced on Saturday that 25 Fire NFTs for the Tri State team have been sold to a group of tech entrepreneurs named Sunny Deep, Vinny Lingham and Kevin Rose. Moonbirds, an NFT collection about pixelated owls, will sponsor this purchase.

Further Fire NFTs sold

We also saw that Snoop Dogg, along with PayPal co-founder Ken Howery, bought all 25 Fire NFTs for the team Bivouac. Furthermore, Gary Vaynerchuk, an entrepreneur who is now also known for his YouTube and TikTok channel, bought 25 Fire NFTs from the team Triplets. And finally, we saw Bill Lee, co-founder of MyDoge wallet, buy all 25 Fire NFTs from the Aliens team.

It turns out that this NFT line is very popular and is being bought up quite a bit. It will be interesting to see how this competition develops.


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