In a train between Marseille and Lyon, a man has multiplied the disturbances to public order, as reported Provence, Thursday, January 13. First, Sébastien, 31, refused to wear his mask. “Tell your family they won’t see you again,” he told the controller when he made the remark. He was then picked up by the railway police (Suge) in Avignon and taken off the train. The individual repeatedly spat in the direction of the controller, but it was a police officer who was hit. The 30-year-old insisted that he was a carrier of Covid-19. “I’m going to kill the Covid railway police,” he said.

The man, who admitted he couldn’t “control [ses] emotions”, is very unfavorably known to the police, with 21 mentions in his record, specifies the local daily. In addition, he carried a brass knuckles to defend himself according to his justifications. According to him, in Lyon, people “wanted ( him) to commit an attack at La Part-Dieu. I assume my security on my own.” The latter also mentioned his concerns with “Muslim terrorists”. Finally, Sébastien made reference to Éric Masson, provoking the police, while the latter was killed in Avignon in May 2021.

The defendant’s lawyer, Me Thevenon, urged that his psychological profile be taken into account. The defendant was sentenced to one year in prison, including six months suspended probation over three years, in addition to a ban on carrying a weapon and staying in the Vaucluse department. His sentence will be arranged at home, under surveillance.


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