SNCF: call for a strike by the CGT-Cheminots to demand wage increases

SNCF announced disrupted train traffic on Wednesday, November 17, due to a national strike by railway workers, who are demanding wage increases.

The strike calls, launched by the CGT-Cheminots and SUD-Rail, will have “no impact” on long-distance trains, while “adaptations” of traffic will be put in place on the Transilien networks, regional trains in Ile-de-France, and TER.

In Ile-de-France, on the part of the RER B line that it operates – the other part being managed by the RATP – the SNCF plans to run “4 trains out of 5 during peak hours and 3 trains on 4 in off-peak hours ”, according to the rail group’s traffic forecasts.

Traffic will also be disrupted on the RER D line, with “3 out of 4 trains” in circulation, and on the RER E line, with 7 out of 10 trains. On the N Transilien line, traffic will be severely disrupted. Trains will be canceled on line R and replacement buses offered in Seine-et-Marne.

“Give us back our money”

In this call for a national strike, the CGT-Cheminots sent a rather explicit message to the government “Give us back our money”. “The management would like to impose in 2021 a 7th year of salary freeze. However, the wealth produced by the railway workers is increasing “and” at the same time, the cost of living has continued to increase in recent years “, added the first union of the SNCF, which calls for” significant “increases.

In a common leaflet, the unions call on the railway workers to demonstrate in front of the SNCF headquarters in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis). A mandatory annual negotiation meeting on remuneration between unions and management will also be held this Wednesday, November 17 in the evening. It should cover “both” the year 2021 and proposals for 2022.

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