It is a ritual for the SNCF several times a year: to check all travelers for two hours in order to avoid the massive fraud of which it is a victim. According to our colleagues from , the railway company carried out an operation of this kind this Friday, October 8 in the morning from 8:30 am in several stations of Seine-Saint-Denis: La Plaine, Stade de France or even L’Ile-Saint-Denis.

And for this large-scale operation, the SNCF had mobilized great resources on the H lines of the Transilien and the RER D: 125 people to filter all the exits. The checks did not only concern the validity of Navigo tickets or passes, they also targeted those who use one belonging to a third party or who would have a reduced price, but also those who try to jump over the gates to avoid paying. In a press release quoted by our colleagues, SNCF revealed that it had issued 409 reports and 219 regularizations, for a total gain of 12,748 euros.

Passenger traffic impacted by 9.2 frauds

In most cases, the controls went well even if the controllers had trouble with certain users. Le Parisien cites the examples of people without masks and without a ticket or others who do not understand why they have checked themselves. “Most of it is going well (…) even if when we are faced with a fraudster, it can quickly go up in towers”, confides an agent to our colleagues.

Each year, fraud represents a loss of earnings of 54 million euros for SNCF, the price of five new trains. Another startling figure, according to Ile-de-France Mobilités: fraud represents 9.2% of passenger traffic. “The objective of this operation is also to fight against incivility, because the 60% of travelers without a title are, those who commit other offenses”, testifies to the Parisian the vice-president of Île-de- France Mobilités, Grégoire de Lasteyrie.


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