Snapchat launches Ares to bring augmented reality closer

Augmented reality technologies continue to evolve providing innovative tools for many applications. For many it is a way to get to know the environment better, for that reason there are companies that use it for users to test before buying a product. Now Snapchat is betting on a new solution called ARES.

This feature allows brands to personalize immersive and personalized experiences, thanks to a set of tools designed to ensure product quality. Thus, by using augmented reality, retailers will have better conversions to sell their products and will reduce return rates much more.

First clients of ARES

For now, among the first customers are Goodr, Princess Polly and Goby Cashmere. Each of these companies uses different products and functionalities of this solution from Fit Finder until AR Try-On, so that users can get an approximate and three-dimensional vision of what they are going to acquire. This is called shopping suitewhich includes a wide range of augmented reality tools aimed at clothing, footwear or even home furnishing.

Companies that already use these ARES features have achieved good results. On the one hand, Goodr leveraged AR Try-On technology and interactive 3D Viewer to replicate the in-store shopping experience on customers’ mobile devices. Following this, he saw an 81% increase in purchases and a 67% increase in conversion for mobile users. This meant a 59% increase in revenue per visitor.

For his part, Princess Polly added Fit Finder and AR Try-on features to provide recommendations to more than 7.5 million shoppers. Finally, it had a 24% lower return rate compared to users who did not use this technology.

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On the other hand, heThe Gobi Cashmere conversion rate was found to be four times higher for buyers who used Fit Finder recommendations and augmented reality testing features. Thus, it helped offer personalized experiences to one in four shoppers.

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