Smita Patil had asked such a thing from the make-up artist that her last wish was fulfilled after her death!

The name of Smita Patil is one of the best actresses of her time. Today we are going to tell you a very interesting anecdote related to the life of Smita, this anecdote is related to such a wish of the actress which was fulfilled only after her death. Actually, Smita Patil was filming the movie ‘Galiyan Ka Badshah’ with the legendary actor Raj Kumar and this story is said to be related to this movie. It is said that once Ella Smita arrives at Raj Kumar’s make-up room to meet Raj Kumar, she sees that the actor is lying down and putting on his make-up. It is said that after seeing this, Smita returned but with a wish…

In fact, seeing Raj Kumar, Smita’s wish also arose in her mind that she too would go to bed and put on makeup. There used to be a famous makeup artist from that time, whose name was Deepak Sawant, who was also in charge of Smita’s makeup in this movie. Just what it was then, Smita demanded from Deepak that she, too, would do her makeup lying down.

Hearing this, Deepak explained to him that he should not make any decision after seeing Raj Kumar because Raj Kumar is stubborn, he will do as he decides. Deepak also assured the actress that she should do her makeup sitting down because she would be a good makeup. However, Smita had agreed to Deepak’s repeated requests, but it should be noted that in the year 1986, Smita Patil passed away.

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At the same time, the wish that Smita had expressed during the filming of the film ‘Galiyan Ka Badshah’ was being fulfilled after his death. Yes, after the death of the actress, it was Deepak Sawant who did Smita Patil’s makeup before her funeral and decorated her as a bride with trembling hands.

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