Smile 2: The director of the first signs a new contract with Paramount, the sequel is formalized

Smileit is the very big surprise of the horror cinema of the year 2022. Initially designed for immediate release in VODthe feature film by Parker Finn exploded the counters at the box office. Product for $15 millionthe horror film cashed the trifle of $217 million in revenue worldwide at the international box office. On the critical side, the aggregator Rotten Tomatoes awarded him a very good ratio of 80% positive reviews. Smile has also found its audience very well in France with 1.2 million entries. The film was able to do well thanks to an excellent marketing campaign and above all, a large buzz on social networks.

It is therefore certain that the film will have a sequel, which could be centered on the character of Joel (Kyle Gallner) who would in turn be a victim of the malevolent entity (and smiling), shortly after the death of Pink (Bacon lookalike). The film could show with interest the characters that we met in the first film and how they react to the death of Pink. And the sequel could happen much faster than expected. According to HollywoodReporterfilmmaker Parker Finn would have signed a contract to direct several films with Paramount. Here is the statement from its CEO Brian Robbins :

“Smile’s breakthrough success is a testament to Parker’s unique and fresh accomplishment, and we’re thrilled he’s made Paramount his home”

Michael Ireland and Daria Cercekco-presidents of the film group of Paramountadded: “Parker knows how to keep people on the edge of their seat and we are happy that we can continue to scare the public together. » No release date for Smile 2 has not yet been announced but the film is in any case one of the absolute priorities for Paramount.

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