Smile 2: Joel (Kyle Gallner) central character of the film? The reaction of the principal concerned

Smile of Parker Finn was the big hit of fall 2022 for Paramount Pictures. Initially, the feature film was planned to unfold in VOD but the theatrical release was unanimously well received with $217 million in international revenue And 80% good reviews on the review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. It is therefore quite natural that Paramount gave the green light for a Smile 2, especially considering the final climax of the first film. In addition, the studio has given full powers to Parker Finn for him to carry out several projects for the horrific branch of Paramount+.

In the end of the first Smilethe spectral entity ends up taking possession of Rose (Bacon lookalike) after spending several weeks terrorizing her. This one therefore ends up setting herself on fire in front of her ex-boyfriend and policeman Joel (Kyle Gallner). Since the entity is transmitted after having been ” traumatized and having witnessed the suicide of the previous person, we can therefore conclude that Joel will be the next character hunted down by the mysterious smiling entity. For the moment, we don’t really know what to do Parker Finn with the following: Any new story? Prequel on one of the characters named in the film? Next on Joel ?

The main interested party could in any case return to the second film if we stick to the words of his interpreter: Kyle Gallner. The latter, on the announcement of the formalization of Smile 2let his joy burst, implying his certain desire to return. Gallner seems to be waiting for a call from Paramount.

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” Let’s go ! I don’t know anything about my involvement but come on Let’s go! 罈

In any case, the fans of the first film are campaigning on Twitter for his return. There are quite a number of comments to this effect. From all perspectives related to Smile 2the choice to continue the story with Joel looks more interesting. Indeed, being already aware of the impact of this entity, Joel could directly look for answers in order to get out of it or fight it head-on. Which could give the franchise a whole new direction after the slow build-up of the first film. We must plan for the arrival of the film, all in all, to fall 2024.

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