Smartwatch Facebook: The watch has been canceled but this is what it looks like

Roughly a year after rumors first suggested the group Facebooknow META, was developing a physical product to wear on the wrist, a Smart watch, the project, however, will have been cancelled. However, although news of its existence only broke about a year ago, work on this product would have been underway for about two years.

EITHER usable (wearable) had been named in code Milan and it would already be in the prototype phase. However, the META group decided, more recently, to cancel existing plans for the production and marketing of a new gadget that would connect us even more to the social networks and other communication platforms of the group led by Mark Zuckerberg.

This is what the prototype of Facebook SmartWach looks like

facebook smart watch

The prototype image was shared by the publication. Bloomberg, accounting for several of the features and connectivity options of this watch whose commercial name was never established. In fact, in the words of the aforementioned publication, this was a rival to the Apple Watch with two cameras to, supposedly, capture and share content from the user’s wrist.

At the same time, the source also notes that the META group will not be making its Augmented Reality glasses available any time soon. This was another of the products that little by little had been suggested and pointed out by various rumours. In short, we will not have, by all indications, new physical products from the social media giant.


However the Bloomberg He points out that the technological group maintains interest in this type of wearable products. Either way, plans for the original watch have been scrapped, though the company may be developing a bracelet similar to the fitness smartbands that continue to grow in popularity.

The Facebook watch would launch in 2023 for $349


The original plans of the META group contemplated the market launch of this product in 2023 with a recommended retail price of US$349. It would therefore be a declared rival of the Apple Watch, a product with which it shares a general format and several of the operating premises.

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Above, for example, we see the watch with its two cameras, one of 5 MP in the front, while the second is located in the back, of 12 MP and juxtaposed to the activity sensors. Naturally, this watch would allow the physical activity of the user to be tracked, in addition to tracking their movements.

The watch would have GPS, Wi-Fi and autonomy of up to 18 hours

Facebook has halted development of a dual-camera smartwatch and is working on other wrist-worn devices instead.

— Alexei Oreskovic (@lexnfx) June 9, 2022

It would also have the possibility of capturing photos and recording videos, even when we did not have the smartphone nearby. This smart watch would have Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as connection to mobile networks, as well as integrated GPS location.

Finally, its estimated autonomy would be 18 hours, with its own “cradle” or charging station. Now, it remains to be seen if the company will turn its attention to these types of products again, or if even the alleged smart wristbands will be abandoned. In any case, having one more product recording our movements and activity may not be what consumers are looking for.

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