Smart’s new maturity: “I could have broken his head, but I didn’t”

The Celtics have started the season dispelling doubts and pulling caste to get the first victory of the season. It is a positive start, as well as hopeful for them, which makes them slightly forget the tumultuous summer they have experienced, full of controversy and marked by the extra-sports scandal starring Ime Udoka, off the team and probably out of the NBA, not just for this year, but forever. The coach was out and Joe Mazzulla taking over on an interim basis, the green team has maintained its essence, it has curdled a fairly serious opening duel and it has been imposed on a tall rival like the reinforced Sixerswho want to assault the ring definitively.

In a Celtics-Sixers it is very difficult not to fly sparks. It is the most repeated duel in the history of the playoffs (109 total games, with a 62-47 record in favor of the Greens) and the faces have been seen in the most recent past: in 2018 and in 2020, with a total run of 8-1 in favor of the Celtics who have not lost a series against their great rivals in the Eastern Conference since 1982. A very big story for two of the NBA’s most storied franchises, two hobbies that know and understand basketball and, at the same time, two entities that want and pretend to recover the glory of past times that were better.

One of the incentives to see the rivalry developed by the Celtics and Sixers is the existence of Marcus Smart and the competition that the entire green project has with Joel Embiid, last stronghold of that famous Process that he already personifies and that he really is himself. And, how could it be otherwise, both players were protagonists and the controversy took over the match for a few minutes. With the score at 63-63 and after the Celtics missed the first play of the third quarter, Smart and Embiid squared off. The point guard’s arm got caught between those of the pivot, who had rebounded successfully… and he got away until he let go, something that did not sit well with a Smart who tripped his rival with his hand once he was on the ground.

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Smart, who finished with 14 points and 7 assists, was penalized for technical and he already wanted to mess it up against Embiid (26 + 15 + 5) in the next play, although things did not go any further. And the base himself made a rather curious analysis of the situation, assuring that he has gained in maturity: “I could have cracked his head, but I didn’t.”, he assures. Grant Williams has also given his opinion and has said that Embiid’s fall has been typical of FIFA, thus accusing him of flopping. And Jaylen Brown has leaned, of course, towards her partner. In short, one more story to tell about players who always make headlines because of their sporting level, but also because of this type of thing. And one more altercation. It won’t be the last.

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