the market of smart phones a Europe is losing ground, largely due to the armed conflict in Ukraine. In fact, according to the market analysis agency channels, this is the main factor that justifies the fall of the European smartphone market.

However, despite the general decline, certain manufacturers such as apple and, above all, the Chinese Really had a remarkable growth during the 1st quarter of 2022. In addition, we know which are the favorite brands of consumers in Europe.

This is the Top 5 of the smartphone market in Europe


  1. Samsung: 35% market share (-9%)
  2. Apple: 21% market share (+1%)
  3. xiaomi: 20% market share (-22%)
  4. Really: 5% market share (+177%)
  5. OPPO: 4% market share (-12%)
  6. Other brands: 15% market share (-27%)

Samsung remains in first place, the favorite brand of European consumers, which, however, lost 9% market share during the first quarter. In second place we have Apple, with Cupertino technology growing around 1%.

In third place, Xiaomi registers a sharp drop of 22% in sales volume on our continent. However, it is Realme, the notable record holder that has firmly established itself in Europe for the first three months of the year.

In fact, its 177% growth already guarantees it a 5% market share, surpassing its parent, OPPO, which is now in 5th place with a 4% market share.

All data presented was submitted by the agency. channelswhich points to an overall 10% drop in the smartphone market in Europe during the first quarter of the year.

Samsung leads, followed by Apple, with Xiaomi falling and Realme rising


Although the positions in the Top 5 in Europe remain practically unchanged, with Realme and OPPO changing places, the truth is that the entire market has been affected by the current socio-economic situation on the continent. In other words, given the armed conflict in Ukraine and without Russia showing signs of curbing its aggression, the drop recorded in the first quarter should continue in the second quarter.

Smartphone market in Europe shrinks 10%, dragged down by Russia and Ukraine

The exception is the notorious growth of Realme, a Chinese manufacturer created in 2018 by OPPO. Its focus is on Android phones with a great quality-price ratio, a formula extracted from the Xiaomi book, with proven success.

#FOOT: Canalys analysts said the #smartphone The market in Europe fell 10% in the first quarter of 2022, with most of the decline due to shipments from Russia and Ukraine. The broader effect on inflation and consumer confidence meant a real test for the smartphone market. Read more:

— Canalys (@Canalys) May 25, 2022

Also taking into account the Canalys report, due to the ongoing armed conflict, several limitations were recorded in the market of both Slavic nations. More specifically, in Russia the smartphone market fell by 31%, while in Ukraine the fall was 51%.


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