According to a newly published study, smartphone users spend four to five hours a day enjoying installed mobile apps.

The study, carried out in 13 countries, showed that the apps of choice continue to be those related to social networks.


The time spent on the smartphone decreased after the Covid-19 pandemic

The company, formerly known as App Annie, conducted a study in 13 countries to assess the daily use of mobile applications; Unfortunately, Portugal was not included in this study.

Unsurprisingly, they found that smartphone users spend several hours of their time using apps. In fact, every day, each user spends four to five hours enjoying mobile applications.

This study also shows that right now users are less focused on mobile devices, since at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, there were much higher numbers.


This exponential increase was due to the fact that people are confined and turn to mobile applications to connect with the world – chat platforms, online shopping, among others.
Now that growth has slowed down and we spend “only” four to five hours a day, focused on the small screen.

Social networks
Users spend between four and five hours using mobile apps, especially on social media Credit@AlexanderShatov/Unsplash

And what are the most used mobile applications? Without a doubt, none of those referred to social networks. Instagram and TikTok are prominent leaders in user preferences: the Chinese social network, by the way, began to grow significantly precisely during the period of confinement that all the countries of the world went through.

In addition, Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram are also the daily companions of a large part of the users who underwent this study.