Smart traffic lights arrive in the National District in September

The National Institute of Transit and Land Transportation (Intrant) reported yesterday that it has started the process of automating the traditional traffic lights of the National District, to guarantee improvements in road flow.

The entity’s communications director, Dary Terrero, explained that the presentation of the modern adaptations is scheduled for September, because the technological installations still have to be completed.

“We have already passed the pilot plans. We did simulations, track changes that were pertinent and we already have the award of the process”, he said.

Terrero assured that all the traffic regulators located in the streets are outdated because they have managed it for more than 20 years.

He added that the “mechanical traffic lights” produce the degradation of the vehicular flow because at the moment in which failures occur in the devices, the entity only perceives it if the citizenry disseminates the report.

“The technicians put a phase so that everyone is synchronized in green, but if something happens in an intercession we cannot fix it automatically, the technicians must go,” he said.

The official indicated that the devices purchased, which are already being installed in the 334 intercessions of the capital, will have a camera to notify the control center of any irregularities in the avenues.

“The more than 1,000 traffic light bodies, integrated in the first phase, will have the ability to report in case there is a short in electricity,” he declared.

Also, Terrero communicated that within the plan the practice of unmanned drones will be established at the entrances of the city, to monitor the volume of traffic and thus efficiently guide the agents of the National Directorate of Transportation and Land Transit (Digesett). .

“The drones will be programmed to go to the entrances of the District, there he stops, takes the images so that we can inform about the alternate routes, without a patrol having to go, but only with control of the traffic lights,” narrowed down

He clarified that the information analyzed by the apparatus will be provided to the other security forces, who will have a space in the control department to communicate to the entities that belong to it, in case they so require.


In addition, the INTRANT spokesperson referred to the recent agreement signed by President Luis Abinader with the Google company Waze, who will enable their platform to, through reports, improve road safety when driving throughout the national territory.

“To all this work is added the agreement we made with Waze. For example, many times people find out that there is a stopper when they are in it. We will already have the information and all drivers will be able to find out with Waze ”, he pointed out.


The method will be able to identify if a public transport or ambulance is trapped in the plug, where after recognition, the access will be inhabited to continue the passage more quickly.

“We will no longer have traffic agents waiting to give way to an ambulance because the system will have the sensors to give way immediately,” Terrero said.

park yourself

The “Parquéate Bien” program continues to develop successfully, according to statements by Terrero, who pointed out that the second phase, scheduled for the end of June, will extend to the sectors of Bella Visa, Ensanche Quisqueya, Zona Universitaria and Gazcue.

“Due to the parking problem they have, the communities have requested the implementation of Parquéate Bien”, stressed the incumbent.

He also revealed that around 50 vehicles are moved by the crane to the parking lots for retention.

In addition, he emphasized that the return process is competent, an aspect that allows efficient delivery after the balance of the fine.

“The citizen goes and picks up his car at once, the obstacles they had to pick up the vehicles are no longer there because we have increased the staff and developed a payment office in the parking lots,” he said.

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