The last World Cup competition for the monobobsters gave Karlien Sleper a twelfth place. The match in Sankt Moritz also counted as European Championship. In that classification, 29-year-old Sleper finished sixth.

Whether the performance delivered in Switzerland is sufficient for a ticket to the Olympic Games in Beijing, Sleper, who finds himself in fifteenth place in the final position of the World Cup standings, will have to wait and see.

In November, Sleper already met the national qualification requirements – a place in the top-12 – for the new Olympic part with a tenth place with a tenth place in Innsbruck and was able to repeat this a few times later.

Watch a report with Karlien Sleper about the monobob below.

To actually be allowed to go to the Winter Games, Sleper must be among the best six women in the rankings who do not participate in the two-man bob. That will only become clear on Sunday, but there is a good chance that she will be there.

The World Cup was in the hands of the American Elena Mayers Taylor, who set the track record to 1.10.88 in her second run. That was not enough for the day’s victory. That went to her compatriot Kaillie Humphries, the former Canadian who was 2.45 seconds faster than Sleper after two runs.

Just not bronze

The German Mariama Jamanka finished fourth in Sankt Moritz, but as the best European she still received a main prize: European Championship gold. The Olympic champion in the two-man bobsled four years ago was 0.01 second ahead of her compatriot Laura Nolte.

Sleper stayed 0.46 away from the bronze, which became a prey for the Russian Nadezhda Sergeyeva.


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