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SK Telecom Sues Netflix for “The Squid Game” for Excessive Internet Traffic

After a brilliant start, the new series “The Lula Game” Netflix is ​​becoming a roaring success and could soon be the streaming company’s most-watched format.

The series is also very popular in his home country of South Korea, which generated a lawsuit against Netflix.

South Korea’s largest network operator, SK Telecom, filed a lawsuit against Netflix, according to the news agency Reuters, because it wants to make the American giant pay fees for the use of Korean broadband infrastructure, like other big Internet companies.

According to SK Telecom, INetflix content causes more data volume than almost any other Internet service. Only Google’s YouTube generates more traffic in Korea, according to the company.

As data volumes have increased due to the great success of the new Netflix series and some other programs, SK Telecom wants to ensure, through its demand, that Netflix participates in the costs caused by the increase in the data transfer rate through payment of fees.

In South Korea, it is not uncommon for service providers to pay for the use of their networks. Amazon, Apple, Facebook and other companies already pay SK Telecom and its affiliate SK Broadband to target their content to users. Although, YouTube and Netflix, which are the two biggest traffic generators, so far are unwilling to pay fees.

Since 2018, the amount of data that SK Telecom transmits from Netflix servers in Hong Kong and Japan to South Korea has multiplied by 24, argues the network operator. Although, Netflix insists that the transmission of content to its customers is part of the provider’s contractual obligations to its users.

SK believes that Netflix would have to pay around €20 million for 2020 alone. The companies have been fighting on the court for some time, but SK Telecom is reinforced by its accusations of the recent increase in traffic as a result of the popularity of “The Squid Game” and other series. Therefore, the company is again taking action against Netflix.

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