Sixty dead in clashes between gangs in Haiti in just eight days

At least 60 people have died in just 8 days and 50 are missing due to clashes between armed gangs in Port-au-Prince, according to data from the NGO Reseau National de Defense des Droits Humains (RNDDH).

This Monday the clashes continue in the Haitian capital and shots are heard, so the RNDDH figures are only a provisional balance of the deaths that occurred between February 24 and March 4 due to clashes between two coalitions of armed groups that fight for control of the territory, the G9 and the GPEP.

According to the executive director of the RNDDH, Pierre Esperance, there is still no data on the violence registered in the Solino neighborhood, a until now peaceful area that the G9 wants to conquer.

The center of the Haitian capital has been experiencing a worsening of tension for days, due to this war between gangs.

Hundreds of people have been forced to leave their homes to flee the clashes, dozens of whom have taken refuge in the homes of relatives, fearing that they will believe "displacement camps" that can be attacked later.

According to the videos circulating on the networks, hundreds of houses have been burned and, in addition to the dead, there are people with burns as a result of these arson attacks.

Given this and the increase in kidnappings, in Port-au-Prince several schools closed their doors from Monday until further notice.

In the last week, dozens of kidnappings were recorded, including students, parents of students and even people who were in their own homes.

Despite the tension, the Haitian authorities have made no statements and have not announced measures to deal with gang battles.

This deterioration of the situation occurs after months marked by a worsening of the socioeconomic and political crisis in Haiti, a spiral of violence and the reappearance of cholera, which has already caused nearly 600 deaths in the country since last October.

All of this led the Haitian Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, to request the dispatch of a foreign force last year, a request that has yet to receive a concrete response.

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