The Spanish women’s derugby 7 team finished the Dubai tournament in sixth place (United Arab Emirates), second stage of the World Series, after its disparate results this Saturday, un triumph against Brazil (21-14) and a defeat against the United States (5-7).

The match against the Brazilians, a team that has made a lot of progress in the last two seasons, it was extremely complicated in the first half, since Spain barely handled the ball and, despite its good defensive performance, conceded two attempts through Thalia Costa, the South American sprinter (0-14).

The tables turned completely after the break, thanks to the control exercised over the match by Lea Ducher, author of the first brand of the ‘Leonas’ and generator of the attack rugby of her team, who traced the match thanks to two new annotations by Beatriz Domínguez and Anne Fernández de Corres (21-14).

The game for fifth place, against the United States, it was much more closed despite the fact that Naya Tapper opened the scoring after two minutes heralding a simple victory for the North Americans, but Pedro de Matías’ girls once again showed their tremendous pride.

At the end of the first part, Beatriz Domínguez achieved an off-center mark that hindered the transformation of Fernández de Corres and With the 5-7 score that reflected the score at halftime, the match ended despite multiple attempts by the Spanish to turn the score around.

The performance of Spain in this tournament has been remarkable, especially compared to the first stage, also held a week ago in Dubai, when they were tenth and last when counting their five games due to losses.

Another tenth place for the men’s team

The Spanish rugby 7 team has repeated this Saturday in the second tournament in Dubai the tenth place that he obtained a week ago in the first of the two Emirati stages of the World Series, after a final day in which he beat Japan 31-7 and lost to Fiji by the same score.

Japan, who have only won one of their ten games on this tour, He was no match for a national seven who took the lead on the first play of the match with a test by Pol Pla and marked distances after three minutes, thanks to a break from Eduardo López, the most incisive of his attackers.

Latianara Soejima shortened the gap after receiving the second kickoff, but Juan Ramos made it 21-7 before the break and less common players completed the job in the second half with two new trials, planted by Tiago Romero and Manu Moreno.

Fiji, in the final of the consolation trophy, came out determined to wash away the affront of the previous day and to assert her double Olympic champion stripes, although he encountered a fierce Spanish defense that only allowed him to lead 0-10 at halftime, thanks to two unprocessed brands from Josua Vakurunabili and Kaminieli Rasaku.

The tackles of the Spanish, very fatigued, were less forceful in the second half, when the Polynesians shot up to 0-31 with marks from Iowane Raturaciri, Iowane Teba and Tevita Daugunu before López saved Spain’s honor with a posed on the last play of the match.


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