Sixteen people lost their lives in hospital in Mexico

While the country had already been severely affected by the passage of Hurricane Ida, a new tragedy occurred today. At least sixteen patients at a hospital in the state of Hidalgo, in central Mexico, have died in flooding caused by heavy rains, the Mexican government said on Tuesday.

“Yesterday’s rains in Hidalgo caused the Tula River to overflow, flooding the general hospital, killing 16 patients,” the government said in a Twitter message.

Much of Mexico was hit by heavy rainfall, especially on Monday. The rain caused some streams to overflow.

In the message, accompanied by a video, ZoƩ Robledo, general director of the Mexican health insurance (IMSS), which manages the hospital victim of these floods, explains that 56 patients were hospitalized in the establishment and that in a few minutes it was flooded, compromising its operation.

“When the electric current was cut in the municipality (of Tula), the oxygen ceased to be administered” to the patients, declared Mrs. Robledo, specifying that 40 patients had survived.

According to the media, patients with Covid-19, on respiratory assistance, were among the victims.

Images released by local media show the hospital flooded and medical staff moving patients’ stretchers through the water.

Authorities said the surviving patients had been sent to other hospitals in the area.

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