Sister Shweta Singh Kirti misses Sushant Singh Rajput a lot and said, “Even after death, his voice is heard…”

It has been four years since the death of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. But to this day, his sister Shweta Singh has not been able to overcome the shock of his death. She recently revealed that she can hear her brother even after the actor’s death. Shweta shared that Sushant Singh Rajput helped her find AirPods even after her death.

During a podcast with Preetika Rao, Shweta Singh shared that she and Sushant always stayed together. He said, “I feel his presence.” We both have a nice relationship. We lived exactly like twins. We were always together and we were always laughing and joking.

Shweta Singh further says, “Once after his (Sushant Singh Rajput) death, it happened that my AirPods got lost.” I searched for him everywhere but I couldn’t find him. So Brother said quietly in my ear, meaning I felt like he was saying your Airpods are behind your screen. Go, you’ll find it there. And I felt very strange, what was that? But when I went there, it was kept there. Oh my god, bro, it was very scary.

Shweta Singh says that she felt completely comfortable because she could hear and talk to Sushant Singh Rajput. In your opinion, it’s not scary. Although he doesn’t have a physical body, he still has a connection to his brother.

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