So far, Mohammad Siraj’s performance at IPL (IPL 2022) has not been special. He has played 11 games this season. During this, he only has 8 terranes, while his economy rate has been 9.48. After which, the former WV Indian player advised Raman Faf to keep talking to Siraj continuously. It is worth noting that RCB had retained Siraj instead of Chahal. After which many questions are now raised about them.

Speaking of Siraj, former Indian batsman WV Raman said you remember Joginder Sharma. They always told him to bowl in difficult conditions because he used to do what Dhoni told him to do. Faf will also have to do something similar with Siraj. Siraj is not that experienced and gets excited very quickly. In such a situation, Faf must approach him and talk to him continuously during the match. So they know what to do in what situation.

He further said that Faf should talk to him. The bowler is always under pressure in this format. He is ready to do well, BS has to be calm. To do this, Faf must keep talking to him continuously and keep him calm.

Let us tell you that Siraj himself has also admitted that he cannot perform well. Although he has promised the fans that he will soon get back in shape and he will do well.


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