Sint Maarten member of parliament wants to make TRON legal tender

Member of Parliament Rolando Brison is himself making an effort to make a Tron (TRX) legal tender in Sint Maarten. Brison wants to make the moose state the Caribbean crypto capital, and Tron must play a central role in this. With the help of Tron, he wants to reshape the commercial and economic infrastructure.

Tron conquers the Caribbean islands

According to Tron founder Justin Sun, plans for Tron’s adoption in the island state are a milestone for global crypto adoption. “It represents a big step towards our goal of global blockchain adoption,” he tweeted.

Sint Maarten is not the first Caribbean state to do business with Tron. Last November, neighboring island Dominica already started a collaboration with Tron. The country implemented seven Tron-based cryptocurrencies in their financial system. Dominica was assisted in this by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB). This crypto-minded central bank is the monetary authority for eight islands in the region.

Brison, who decided last year to have his salary paid in bitcoin cash (BCH), believes the lack of crypto regulation is unacceptable. According to him, Sint Maarten can benefit from a proactive approach to crypto.

“Letting crypto go unregulated in Sint Maarten is incredibly risky and we need to be proactive. The ECCB legal framework for regulation is very useful for consumer and economic protection. It prevents us from losing control of crypto and opens up opportunities for potential growth in the sector.”

According to Brison, Sint Maarten can benefit from “the growth of one of the fastest growing blockchains in the world”. The collaboration with Tron can make the island a magnet for entrepreneurs and boost the economy of Sint Maarten.

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Is Tron Reliable?

These are great plans for Sint Maarten and Tron. Whether the plan will materialize remains to be seen. Tron is not the most stable crypto project. Last month, Tron ran into problems with its stablecoin USDD. The stablecoin lost its link to the dollar several times and was criticized for its volatile collateral.

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