Sinking of the “Bugaled Breizh”: a testimony eagerly awaited by the families of the victims

In 2004, the Bugaled Breizh sank with five sailors on board French. 18 years later, the light has still not been shed on this story which continues to haunt the families of the victims. Duplex from London, Maëlys September gives details of this testimony.

Key testimony was given by the driver of the military vessel who was present at the time of the events. “It was a very short hearing which lasted less than an hour. At the end of the anger for the families of the victims who expected a lot, because in the end the British commander gave no new information. He confirmed the presence of the naval ship docked in the south of England “, specifies the journalist of France Television, Maëlys September.

Almost 18 years later, the version and the thesis of the accident have been maintained. “The commander denied any involvement in this accident. At the end of his hearing, we saw him stand up and walk over to the son of one of the sailors who went missing during the shipwreck “, she says. The families of the victims remain very disappointed, but they do not give up hope that one day they will find the answers to their questions.

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