Singer Sophia Urista urinates on one of her fans in the middle of a concert and creates controversy

Some artists sometimes slip a little too much. In the middle of a festival in the United States, singer Sophia Urista, from the group Brass Against, literally urinated on one of her fans in the middle of a concert.

A particularly shocking behavior, which prompted the group to apologize afterwards. The scene took place as the metal band was a guest at the Welcome to Rockville festival at Daytona International Speedway, Florida on November 12th.

In the middle of a cover of Wake Up, a title of Rage Against the Machine, the singer invited a man placed in the front row to take the stage. She then got half naked before squatting on top of him and urinating. The mind-boggling footage was filmed and posted on social media, and we ultimately decided not to show it.

Group members apologize

Brass Against, which has more than 450,000 fans on its Facebook account, apologized for this more than questionable “performance”.

“We had a great time last night at Welcome to Rockville. Sophia let herself be carried away. It is not something that we expected and it is also not something that you will see again during our concerts ”, assured the group on its social networks.

“This world is crazy and it’s not mine!”

Obviously, Internet users, half-shocked, half-amused, did not fail to react to this scandal.

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“Long ago, talented singers relied on their talent to become famous”, “What world do we live in ??? I am horrified. Next time, what will it be ?? ”, can we read on Twitter, or even:“ The singer Sophia Urista pisses on one of her fans in full concert !!! This world is crazy and it is not mine! ”. “I am overwhelmed by events, how did we get there?” Says another.

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