Singer Dilira Mehndi went “foolish” over Prince Harry’s name


A famous Indian singer of the Punjabi pop music industry, Dilira Mehndi, took a joke on Twitter seriously, he understood that Prince Harry really enjoyed listening to his songs.

Not only in India but also in the world, the passionate music of Dalir Mehndi has entertained the audience for a long time and people dance to his songs even today.

But what to do with the innocence that this famous singer took seriously a joke made on the social networking website Twitter, rather if it is said that he was made a fool, then it would not be wrong to say that he was a parody due to his forgetfulness. A victim of the tweet.

It happened that recently, in the biography ‘Spear’ written by British Prince Harry, he revealed many hidden secrets of his life. This book of his has gained worldwide fame.

Regarding the same, a social media user issued a fake statement on Twitter, in which it was stated that ‘Prince Harry used to listen to the music of Dalire Mehndi during his difficult times, which he mentioned in his book’.

The fake statement on Twitter read, “Prince Harry reveals in his new book ‘Spear’ which music artist he listens to in his sad moments.”

“When I was away from my family and feeling lonely, I would always sit alone and listen to Bold Mehndi to relieve that loneliness,” Harry said in a quote from the fake tweet.

In the said tweet, it was further written in reference to Prince Harry, “The lyrics of his songs touched my heart and they helped me through difficult times.”

Seeing this tweet of Dalir Mehndi, there was no end to his happiness and without reading this book ‘Spear’, he took this tweet to be true and thanked Prince Harry from his account and also offered his love, which Customers are very happy.

Dalir Mehndi took a screenshot of this fake tweet and wrote in his message that I am grateful to the blessings of Guru Nanak, my mother and father that I created a unique pop-folk ethnic music style. Prince Harry I love you! God bless you, thanks that my music helped you.


Social media users also made interesting comments when they came to know that a serious joke had been played with Dalir Mehndi. Some users made memes about it, while others encouraged them to keep their hearts.

One user said, ‘Yes, brave, how can we tell you? While another user wrote, “Oh Praji, it’s a scam. No problem, you’re the best.”