Since the return of the Taliban, famine threatens Afghan children

“Since the Taliban came to power, many men and women have lost their jobs, families have fallen into poverty and their children are hungry. Journalist Nadege Justiniani was able to enter the malnutrition ward of Kabul Children’s Hospital.

She met the young patients and their families there, but also the caregivers, who see them arriving in increasing numbers. “Before, we didn’t have as many patients because people worked, earned money and were able to eat properly,” explains Shadel, who has worked in the service for five months. Now there is no more work, no more money and the Afghans can no longer provide for their families. That is why almost every household is now affected by disease and malnutrition. »

With the arrival of the Taliban, the international community abruptly blocked its aid and food prices soared. A new segment of the population now finds itself in extreme poverty, which raises fears of the arrival of a famine in the country. “My husband has been out of work for six months now, and to come here I had to borrow money from other people,” said a mother. Everyone is in the same situation. Our economy has collapsed. I ask the community to help us. We need help. Find his testimony in the video of our partner Brut.

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