Since the day of Farooq’s death, Siddique has been eager to become an MP

Akbar Pathan Farooq, actor and Member of Parliament of Dhaka 17 Constituency, recently passed away. Siddique campaigned to become a Member of Parliament before his death in this seat. The actor’s election campaign support posters are hung on various walls of Gulshan-Banani.

Siddique spoke to the media on the day Farooq died. On the same day, Farooq told the vacant seat that he wanted to become a member of parliament by election.

Apart from this, at the time of receiving Farooq’s body at the airport, he told reporters, ‘Farooq Bhai was a popular member of parliament from Dhaka-17 constituency. He has done a lot of good work there. But due to long illness, some of his works remained incomplete. If Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gives me the opportunity, I will give my utmost attention to complete his unfinished works as an artist.’

Actor Siddique has been campaigning since last year to become an MP in actor Farooq’s seat. After learning the news of Farooq’s death, Siddique told a press, ‘I want to fulfill his dream by taking responsibility for Farooq Bhai’s parliamentary seat.’

Actor Siddique said on Monday (May 15) after learning about Farooq’s death, ‘Farooq bhai is my elder brother. Being sick from the start, he could not reflect his dreams in this area. I want Siddiqur Rahman to take responsibility as another artist to realize his dreams.

Siddique claims that he sought votes for Farooq in various areas including the cantonment in the last election. Siddique said, ‘Dhaka 17 seat belongs to VIP-CIPs. I want to take charge of the boat meeting here. After speaking with Farooq Bhai, I captured his words. If I get a nomination from here, I want to show Farooq Bhai’s mission and vision. If there is a replacement of the artist in place of the artist, it will definitely be good.’

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Actor Siddiqur Rahman did not even seek Awami League nomination from Tangail-1 (Madhupur-Dhanbari) in the parliamentary elections. But he did not give up, he wants to participate in the election again. He is a candidate for the nomination of the ruling Awami League in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Actor Siddiqur Rahman had earlier sought Awami League nomination from Tangail-1 constituency in 2018. He also bought nomination papers. But the party did not nominate him. Abdur Razzak, the present government’s agriculture minister, was elected as a member of parliament after receiving nomination from this seat. That’s why Siddique’s target is Dhaka-17. This time he wants to become a member of parliament.

Akbar Pathan Farooq was undergoing treatment in Singapore for one and a half years. He died while undergoing treatment at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore at 8 am Bangladesh time on Monday.

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